Rajma curry recipes

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Rajma Kurma

Kathirikai Masala PoriyalBrinjal Karamani ThalimpuYam with Green PeasPaneer Green GravyPotato Stir FryBrinjal and Chickpea Curry Feel free to comment or share your thoughts on this recipe of Rajma Kurma from Awesome Cuisine
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Rajma Paratha

Rajma paratha is a protein rich stuffed paratha. For the Rajma Stuffing. Pressure cook rajma by adding enough water to cover the rajma and salt
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Puy Lentils and Swiss Chard Daal

Many Gujju families were reluctant to use Rajma ( red kidney beans ), Masoor and whole Urad daal few decades ago, however sometimes I ventured in making Rajma, Chole ( chickpea curry ) and Daal Makhni ( whole Matpe beans curry ) in my teenage days, which resulted in getting told off or maybe one slap by my Mum, maybe I used to spoil the dish or simply someone doesn't wanted to accept the new taste
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