Rich tea biscuit cake recipes

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Easy Chocolate Biscuit Cake Recipe…

~ Add the biscuits – as crushed as you want them – and the maltesers and mix. Approx 1/4 pack x 400g digestive biscuits – use as many or as few as you like. Approx 1/4 pack x 300g rich tea biscuits – same. ~ Line a cake tin (6″) or a loaf tin (2lb) with greaseproof paper
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Afternoon Tea: Viennese Whirls

These biscuits remind me of my pre teen and teenage years living with my grandparents, they would always stick by the old traditions of elevenses and afternoon tea, mr kipling cakes / biscuits would always be featured in at least one of those sittings
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Chocolate Biscuit Christmas Tree

Add the malteasers and any other treats you want to have in it. Cake anyone. I decided once I saw it that the Christmas Tree tin would create a lovely Chocolate biscuit Christmas tree that the children could decorate and enjoy as a little treat, it is the festive season after all and I do tend to relax a little bit regarding treats at this time of the year, particularly if they are homemade
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