Salmon mousse bbc recipes

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Roux at the Landau – Sunday Brunch

The dish was served with traditional accompaniments of creamed spinach and mousseline potatoes. The Langham hotel, on Regent Street, opposite BBC Broadcasting House and All Souls church, is a magnificent, imposing, traditional place that I know best for their very special afternoon tea, served in the Palm Court
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My Handy Birthday Lunch

While a bit of Salmon Tartare was included in the dish, the main attraction was actually a large quenelle of very cold, very finely blended (hmmm… must have used a Thermomix to get that quality purée) salmon mousse on top of a small amount of tartare
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Tri-city sliders

bun, mayonnaise, daikon, jelly, patty, ketchup, shiso cress, sevruga caviar, salmon roe. For the Los Angeles slider mousse, blend the ingredients in a food processor until completely smooth
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