Scottish starters recipes

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Scottish Leek and Potato Soup

My Scottish leek and potato soup version has an extra twist to it, which is completely optional. Nov 18, 2014 Scottish Leek and Potato SoupBy neil@neilshealthymeals. com · 2 Comments A simple healthier Scottish leek and potato soup. Scottish Leek and Potato Soup Print Prep time 15 mins Cook time 45 mins Total time 1 hour Deliciously creamy and smooth tasting without the added calories of butter or cream
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Scottish Black Stew

Scottish Black Stew is a rich and unctuous slow-cooked stew, with delicately spicy back notes. The “black” of this stew is black pudding, a traditional Scottish savoury which is a mixture of oats, barley, spices, suet and blood
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