Slimming world mushroom soup recipes

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Syn Free Meatzza | Slimming World

Sprinkle on most of the mozzarella and then top with slices of red pepper, mushrooms and sweetcorn. I know it’s not the cheapest of products, but as it’s a slow cooker, pressure cooker, soup maker all in one, not to mention that you can sauté, make yoghurt, pasteurise milk (if you ever needed too) and about a thousand other functions it’s well worth the money
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Five Frugal things I’ve done this week to save money {8th May 2015}….

I bought some Asparagus tips reduced from £2 to 20p at Tesco last night – I’ve wanted to try Asparagus for ages but have horrible memories of some sort of Asparagus soup at a B and B in Blackpool when I was a child and it’s always put me off paying full price in case I really don’t like the taste. I always find that going about 8pm is a great time for bargains in our local Tesco and last night was no exception because I also got some mushrooms reduced to 35p which I’ll use for a chicken and mushroom slow cooker risotto for tea tomorrow night and I got some tuna and cucumber sandwiches reduced to 21p which made a great tea for Mr Frugal who was late finishing at work last night so decided against the tea we had planned. I started Slimming World two weeks ago but decided not to spend the £5 a week on the class and try doing it at home instead
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