Stuffed marrow with sausage meat recipes

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16 Last-Minute Cookbook Christmas Gifts

At the beginning of the book, she talks about her childhood meals in Britain (she’s now co-owner of New York City’s Spotted Pig restaurant), and I have to say that her description of her mother’s stuffed marrow brought my own memories of my grandmother’s kitchen flooding back
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Name This Food! - Marrow

I didn't want to do the baked stuffed marrow but I also didn't want to waste a free marrow, so after a bit of hunting on the Web I discovered that there were several recipes for a lovely marrow and ginger jam, which I made, and it was freakin' delicious, especially on toast with a bit of peanut butter
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eating in new york

Chunky creamy mounds of piquant guacamole, thick and robust tortilla chips, zesty scallop ceviche with spicy herb salsas, huge black poblano peppers stuffed with melting cheeses, utterly hearty black beans easily devoured as a solo - it was all so pleasing
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The seven cuts are traditionally - tenerone (chuck), shank, ribs, butt end, rump, rump tip and rolled breast ( boned and stuffed with a filling of salt pork, prosciutto, cooked salami and two eggs, a carrot, herbs and pepper)
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the quality chop house, clerkenwell - review

A huge platter of silverside and smoked brisket, celeriac purée and golden beetroot, breaded bone marrow and roasted carrots flounced its way onto our table, all showy and attention seeking, with a great sense of celebration and sharing that family Sunday lunches do so well (even though it was Wednesday)
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