Tart recipes

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Lemon tarts

There are a good deal of recipes out there for lemon tart,or 'tarte au citron' if you prefer. The last time, I decided to make mini individual tarts,though I admit that was a while ago now
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Gypsy tart...

I've heard so much about Gypsy tart and wanted to try it for a long time. "A gypsy tart is a type of pie made with evaporated milk, muscovado sugar (though some varieties include light brown sugar), and pie crust
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Tarte Au Citron – Lemon Tart

Whatever you do, DO NOT lift the tart tin off the baking tray to try to get a better cutting angle, you will push the loose base up, along with the barely set pastry case – panic and maybe say a few words you regret later, before pulling yourself together and somehow rescuing the situation
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Cornflake Tarts

But we have put together a recipe which makes cornflake tarts taste exactly how they did back then. Cornflake Tarts are shortcrust pastry shells with a layer of jam and syrupy cornflakes
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Gypsy Tart

This Gypsy Tart is an old English traditional recipe. Have you ever heard of a Gypsy Tart. I’m guessing most answers will be a no because the Gypsy Tart originates from Kent, England
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