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The Wedding Cakes!

The Wedding Cakes!

The day before the wedding we commenced the 'Welsh Cake Production Line', made pounds upon pounds of various flavour icings and tried desperately not to taste-test too much of the tiffin

random recipes round-up #29

and next along is the adventurous Fiona from TIFFIN with a gorgeous bowl of very healthy Oriental Vitality Soup randomly selected from Cooking for One and Two by Margaret Fulton

random recipes round-up #18

Fiona from TIFFIN is a RRV (welcome, welcome) and it's a lovely blog so do go visit. I think there are many of our homes where these books sit, now sadly neglected, next to Delia and Nigella

random recipes #28 round-up - bread

here's Fiona from TIFFIN with our second Focaccia recipe. next up is Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen with this beautifully nobbly Feta Cheese, Onion and Potato Bread adapted from Delia Smith's How to Cook Book One

random recipes #31 - round-up

and here's Fiona from TIFFIN and a delicious Tuna Carpaccio taken from Donna Hay's brilliant Off the Shelf - Cooking from the Pantry