Toffee apple pops recipes

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Organic October and Autumn Suppers: Bonfire Chilli with Beef, Chocolate and Pumpkin

crisp mornings, misty mornings, crackling leaves, vibrant berries, Old Man’s Beard in tangled hedgerows, apples on damp grass, the smell of wood smoke, bonfires, woolly scarves, boots, red mittens, duffle coats, log fires, glistening dew covered cobwebs, pumpkins, candles, piles of books on the bedside table, crumpets, casseroles, dumplings, steamed puddings, the last rose of summer, fireworks, hot chocolate, fluffy duvets, tartan rugs, fireside suppers, Arran jumpers, wellies, toasting forks, hot buttered toast, soup, toffee apples, bright stars, wind, rain, cordite, robin redbreasts, orange and scarlet, gold and russet, big socks, sausages, tomato soup, cassoulet and chilli……
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