Topside roast leftovers recipes

Which Cuts Of Beef Are Best For…?

Which Cuts Of Beef Are Best For…?

Topside and silverside are two very common roasting joints. He advises them on how to to optimise “carcass utilisation” and how best to create modern cuts and smaller roasting joints to suit singles, couples and smaller families

Roast beef platter

Topside is by far the best type of joint for roast beef. This easy, simple roast is fantastic for feeding a crowd and any leftovers make a great filling for sandwiches or wraps

Jamaican pot roast

8 kg topside beef. 1. Wash the joint of beef, pat it dry with kitchen paper and put it into a non-reactive dish

It’s all about the pumpkin this week!!!

  A great leftover roast dish (any leftover cooked beef joint will do, but we suggest Topside , Silverside or Rolled Sirloin) flavoured with curry powder, pumpkin, carrots, onions, celery and beef stock