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Spooky Family Food and Baking Recipes for Halloween: Spiders, Owls and Mashed Spuds with a Twist!

And finally for my Ghoulish Trio, my Twit Woo Hooting Halloween Owl Cupcakes. Today should be Sepia Saturday, where I share a Be-Ro recipe from one of my many old (and new) Be-Ro cookbooks, but, as Halloween is next week, I have decided to share some seasonal recipes with you……and, I am making some more spooky fare over the weekend, so look out for some simple family supper recipes as well as ghoulish baked treats early next week – both savoury and sweet
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Review: Beefeater Bar & Block

For starters we decided to choose from the sharing section, and although the Salt Beef Block sounded really appealing, we were worried that this might be too large with mains to come so we shared the Trio of Dips which comprised of Tzatziki, Red Pepper and Feta and Guacamole alongside charred flatbreads
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