Turkish red lentil soup recipes

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Vegetarian Dhansak Recipe

Even today, the Persian-Iranian cuisine is decidedly traditional, and is characterized by loyalty and respect for custom and tradition, to This recipe may vary in each family, a little as in and there is a regional differentiation which in the northern regions influenced by Turkish and Armenian, while those in the north-east influenced by Indian and spicy (but not too much) is characteristic of the south
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The Turkish Feast. Rich Red Lentil Bolognese. Virtually all of the soups and hot meals here can be cooked in advance and frozen in portions for easy re-heating if you're not sharing with the family (I batch-cook, and freeze in small food bags), and salads can all be prepared the day before and dressed before eating
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Taste of India

Subsequently India lived the period of Muslim invasions, which on one hand saw to power rulers carnivores as opposed to Buddhist, Hindu and Jains, but on the other hand saw the birth of the kitchen Mughlai strong influence of Persian and Turkish, still associated with India because of the large use of saffron and nuts and the cooking technique of the dum in a casserole sealed
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