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Celebrating 100 years of WI recipes – I’m cooking at Penshurst FM this Saturday…

Radishes, spring onions and samphire show that lighter eating is now an easy choice for the cook. The weather is promising to be suitably springlike so I’m channelling my thermals for freezing winds and showers and am preparing a fairly hearty soup to warm up visitors but, of course, it’s the WI so there will be plenty of historic cake too
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Cowley Manor – Review

I guess in my mind a Spa retreat such as Cowley Manor may attract those who are health conscious or wanting to try something new and wanting to experience delicious vegetarian meals, but it appears that vegetarians in Cowley Manor as well as other luxury Spa getaways in the UK are not catered for as well
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The Cottage in the Wood, Keswick

Don’t worry, you know I’ll be back soon enough moaning about Weight Watching and how depressing it is to eat alone and generally weeping into my cabbage soup, but for now, let us set off on a journey westwards, into one of the most beautiful regions of the UK, and then let us NOT go walking in the fells but head straight off for lunch
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Bistro LQ at Chateau Marmot

Sometime ago I was looking around the net for new dining experiences in the UK and I found Chateau Marmot, a temporary dining that has been travelling around the UK, offering a fine dining experience with some very exciting guest chefs
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