Unsmoked gammon boiling recipes

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Coca Cola Ham

 The first time I made it, a year ago actually, I made the error of purchasing a smoked gammon joint and the resulting ham was far to smokey to be enjoyed
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Celebrating the Bacon Connoisseurs Week

Britain, it is safe to say not all bacon is the same - with smoked, unsmoked,. 2 dry-cured smoked bacon or gammon steaks (about 200g each in weight), cut into cubes15ml (1 tbsp) oil. 8 fresh lasagne sheets, cut in half–or if dried lightly soaked in boiling water. Plunge lasagne sheets into boiling water for about 2-3 minutes (Follow pack instructions). 8 fresh lasagne sheets, cut in half–or if dried lightly soaked in boiling water
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Foody February #1: Boo's Coca Cola Ham with Sweet Potato Wedges‏

Put the gammon in a large pan, skin/fat side side down and cover the whole gammon with coca cola. Unsmoked Gammon Joint (700g ish) depending on how many you're cooking for. Take your gammon joint out of the fridge about 30 - 45 mins before you are ready to start cooking. Whilst the ham is boiling, pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees c and line a baking tray with tin foil to sit the ham in once it's boiled. If you sometimes find gammon a little salty, before you boil it in coke, you can put it in a pan of water, bring to the boil and then disregard the water and start again with stage 2 above - this will take some of the saltyness out of it
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Baked ham

Soak the gammon joint overnight. Drain and discard the water and pat the gammon dry. Place the gammon in a large pan and then pour over the cider and enough water to cover the joint
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