Using belly pork strips recipes

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“Nice Belly My Dear!”

I made a gravy using my recently produced pork ‘bombs’. When you are buying a big piece of pork from a nice woman, you really can’t come out with stuff like “That’s a very nice belly you have there, my dear
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Cassoulet - a #FlavourfromFrance

This is my first time using Rafflecopter, so be gentle with me. When they skin is crispy and golden and the meat is on the way to being cooked, remove from the pan, then fry the sausages and the belly of pork - including any bones you removed during the cubing process
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Spring Restaurant, Whatever The Season

Spring aims to provide honest, wholesome, produce driven dishes using the freshest of ingredients. Standout dishes of the day were a ravioli of onion squash and ricotta with marjoram butter, a slow cooked pork belly with chickpeas, come di rapas with a cumin salsa verde, and a selection of cold treats for the table
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