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crunchie macarons.

I sometimes using a piping bag for this but the mixture kind of suited being a bit rough and chunky. Mixing my mum's favourite chocolate bar and my love for making homemade macarons - I created this Crunchie macaron recipe for her birthday
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Sepia Saturday and Baking with Be-Ro: Australian Crunchies (Traybake) – School Lunch Box Treats!

Stir in the sugar, coconut, cornflakes, cocoa, chopped cherries (if using) and flour. And, a little treat now and then does NO harm at all, especially if it is home-baked and you know what has gone into it, unlike most commercial biscuit  bars, plus one batch of these made on “baking day” SHOULD last the whole week in the biscuit tin, as treats for ALL the family
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Rolo & Crunchie Cake

This the cake was the result of a rainy afternoon at my boyfriends house, we thought it might be fun to bake a cake together, using no fancy tools or ingredients (mainly because we were at his house and he had none
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Mornflake Hamper Giveaway

I track entries using the competition hash tag. Whole Oat Crunchies from Delia Online. The 2 winners will be selected from all valid entries using a random number generator
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