Using wensleydale and cranberry recipes

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Festive Food & Drinks

The cheeses are produced over seven days using the traditional method. Soft, smooth and fruity, it has a velvety sweetness that brings a round softness to creamy and crumbly Christmas cheeses, such as Wensleydale with cranberries
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Vegetable crisps

I'm not much of a crisp person - I tend to only eat them if I've made dips and need something to scoop up the gloriousness with, and since I discovered Fudge's I've been straying from what I call "posh crisps" (Kettle chips) and been using their nummy flatbreads instead
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Transitioning to a cruelty-free lifestyle

Using up what I have and no longer purchasing brands that aren’t cruelty free. As an adult (because describing myself as a ‘grown up’ smacks of wrong) I also loved broccoli & stilton soup, or cheese and crackers (hello Wensleydale and Cranberries
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