Veal mince recipes

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Veal Scallopini

Scaloppini or Scaloppine is an Italian dish made out of thinly sliced meat usually veal and chicken lightly coated in flour, pan-fried then served with a sauce made either from tomato, white wine or piccata
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British Rose Veal in a mushroom, tarragon & cider sauce

" and was the very grateful recipient of some minced veal (probably destined for burgers, unless we have a brilliant idea in the meantime), some veal escalopes (currently the subject of a battle between Wiener Schnitzels and a stuffed, rolled veal dish) and two roasting joints - the larger of which is destined for a Sunday roast and the smaller of which was used in today's recipe
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Chicken All, Eggs, Turkey, Pork joints, Pork fillet, Pork chops, Bacon, Fillet steak, Ribeye steak, Sirloin steak, Rump steak, T-bone, Beef mince, Chuck steak mince, Rose veal, Lamb leg, Lamb rack, Venison, Rabbit, Goat, Emu, Kangaroo, Ostrich, Boar, Pheasant, Duck, Goose, Quail, Partridge, Teal, Buffalo, (If you live on the bayou then the following), Raccoon, Turtle, Muskrat, Crawfish, Rattlesnake, Frog, Ducks, Wild Boar,Wild turkey
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Beef Kofta Recipe

They selected the best veal or beef and fought off with the big and flat stone called Salakar and special hammers called Tohma, turning it into a homogeneous mass
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Festive Restaurant Feasting, London Style

Drew’s Veal Pojarski was a nice twist on a traditional schnitzel, flavoursome and comforting. And just to add to our virtual heart attack on a plate we of course started the meal with a sharing platter of Christmas nuggets (minced buttermilk fried turkey thigh and ginger pigs in blankets, wrapped around a melting cheese sauce core with a Panko crumb) served with cranberry ketchup, spicy chicken wings and Seoul ribs
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December Recipe of the Month

This 17th Century Mince Pie, which was a favourite of Samuel Peeps, has been tried and tested by Dan who changed some of the ingredients to make it more appealing for the 21st century palate. 17th Century Mince Pie. 100 grams veal leg mince (or beef). 2) Mix together the rest of the ingredients to make the mincemeat filling. 5) Place your pastry circles into pie tins and fill with the mincemeat mixture
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