Vegan fruit cake uk recipes

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A Vegan - Vegetarian Christmas Centrepiece Raised Pie

Jewelled coloured fruit - a mixture of fresh and dried cranberries and apricots. cake tin. I've been a long time fan of Cranks an I am a member of the Vegetarian Society, so you can imagine my delight when I learned that Cranks have officially been Approved by the Vegetarian Society, a UK brand as longstanding and veggie obsessed as Cranks are and to celebrate this new partnership, as well as raise awareness of vegetarianism and veganism this season, I thought I would create an old fashioned Vegetarian Raised Pie made with hot water crust pastry
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The Vegan Cakery

I produce Lemon V’urd, Lime, Lemon & Passion Fruit and also a vegan Caramel Sauce. Here's the press release issued this week regarding my 'Best Vegan Bakery' award win at Vegfest UK
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Vegan on Tour: Geneva

It’s quite American in style and though it doesn’t have much in the way of vegan food, except a couple of very small, very expensive bean salads, they do a great non-dairy matcha latte or frappe (I sampled both) and some fruit frappes too
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Eating Vegan in Rome

However, Rosa Maria had taken it upon herself to stock the fridge and shelves with a whole array of vegan-friendly foods, including cartons of soya and rice milk, soya yogurts, breakfast cereals, bread, biscuits, jams and a huge fruit bowl
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Vegan on Tour: Oslo, Norway

), which didn’t need much adornment, and picked up fresh fruit and veggies from Roetter. but we did get some coconut yogurt with goji berries and seeds which we ate as part of breakfast one day, two ice creams and a raw cake which we had as desserts after our helt raa balcony dinners
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