Vegetarian stuffed marrow recipes

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Vegetable Chilli Stuffed Marrow

It’s basically just a vegetarian chilli inside a marrow. Maybe I could serve a marrow ratatouille on crispy bread with fresh herbs and olive oil for a starter, followed by one of my delicious stuffed marrows and then for dessert I could concoct a yummy moist chocolate cake with marrow in it
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16 Last-Minute Cookbook Christmas Gifts

The Vegetarian Cookbook. At the beginning of the book, she talks about her childhood meals in Britain (she’s now co-owner of New York City’s Spotted Pig restaurant), and I have to say that her description of her mother’s stuffed marrow brought my own memories of my grandmother’s kitchen flooding back
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Stuffed marrow

When it comes to vegetarian misery, it’s up there with the brown rice and kidney bean salad …or anything involving couscous or a that stalwart of the ‘vegetarian option’, the butternut squash”
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Review - Persepolis, Maloko

After Porto, my body felt so full of the fat from that lovely pork sandwich that I just wanted to be fresh and clean and eat mildly spicy vegetarian food so I ate marrow and lentils all week and on the weekend went to TWO vegetarian restaurants
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