Vegetarian thai yellow curry recipes

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Suda Thai Cafe Restaurant in St Martin’s Courtyard, Covent Garden

There’s also a page pulling together all the vegetarian starters and mains. But there are also a wide range of dishes that are less likely to found in the Thai equivalent of a curry house, such as tub gai (chicken livers sautéed with garlic and black pepper), gui chay (pan-fried chive cake), kao soi (a yellow curry noodle soup in the Chiang Mai style), kao ob talay (seafood rice pot) and cho-chee pla (sizzling sea bass in a kaffir lime leaf and red curry sauce)
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Taste of India

In the Vedic period was normal diet based on fruits, vegetables, meat, cereals, honey and dairy products, but in the course of time a large part of the population embraced the creed of vegetarianism, which spread thanks to the advent of Buddhism and was facilitated from a climate where fruits, vegetables and grains could easily be grown throughout the year
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