Viennese whirls recipes

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Cakes and sanity

Viennese Whirls with a raspberry jam and buttercream filling also got thumbs up from my guys. I appreciate they are not exactly a diet food, for example, one of Viennese Whirls is 145kcal, one Bakewell tart is 200kcal. My men all have a sweet tooth, they were delighted when a parcel arrived from Mr Kipling and BritMums with 3 boxes of Cherry Bakewells, Viennese Whirls and French fancies
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Cheers To Beer With Afternoon Tea

Viennese Whirls paired with Meantime Raspberry Wheat and Carlsberg. The fruity and refreshing taste of the Raspberry Wheat is the perfect partner for the butter jam middle of a viennese whirl, while the biscuit sandwich goes perfectly with the lightly hopped wheat flavor of the beer – some might even say that Meantime Raspberry Wheat is the liquid version of a Vienesse whirl
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