Welsh cawl slow cooker recipes

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Gammon Cawl and Cheesey Garlicky Scones

Having spent most of the summer term going to a language centre to be taught on an intensive Welsh course, they are now speaking Welsh with what appears to be alarming fluency (especially when they are bickering), and well versed in all manner of Welsh customs, including bursting unprovoked into renditions of Sosban Fach and Ar Hyd y Nos, Blue will be off to the Millenium Stadium to watch his first international rugby match in a few weeks' time wearing a Welsh rugby shirt
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Veg & Gammon Cawl Pys

 *Welsh word for hearty soup . I cooked mine in a slow cooker whilst I was out for the day.  I have been given this wonderful recipe by my welsh born and bred mother-in-law, a homemade soup that you don't even need a blender for - whats seriously better than that
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