White gravy recipes

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Spicy Gravy

I call this Spicy Gravy, (spicy tasty, not spicy hot. ) my traditional gravy jazzed up with some groovy South East Asian style herbs and spices, just one taste of it and you’ll be wondering why haven’t I done this before
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Paneer In Cashew Gravy

Paneer In Cashew Gravy is shallow fried paneer (cottage cheese) cooked in creamy cashew gravy. Add the blend cashew nuts paste, single cream and some water (as much as you want in the gravy as the gravy will be thicker after simmering it)
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Sea salt and white pepper for the potato's. The Best Ever Roast Beef Gravy. The Gravy. Pour off any fat into a dripping bowl, reserving any juices in the pan, pop the dripping in the fridge ready to use for the next roast, place your roasting tin on the stove and add the beef stock and Madeira, bring to a rolling simmer and reduce by a third, add all the resting juices from the beef and using a whisk be sure to scrap off all the flavoursome bits that have stuck to the bottom of the pan adding further depth to this gorgeous old fashioned honest gravy
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