Wolf fish recipes

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India: My Food Mecca

All that wonderful food is wolfed down in seconds. That was it, decision made, my starting point would be Bangalore (or Bengaluru as it’s now known) and then I’d head down to the ancient spice capital of Cochin and then to the fishing areas near Kovalam in Kerala
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Review of Jamie Oliver’s Everyday Super Food

tinned black beans (I was quite surprised by this one, I substituted with black eyed beans), large prawns with their shells on (I know where I could get them from in Hove, but didn’t have time to go there, I substituted with regular prawns from the supermarket fish counter), uncooked poppadoms (not a clue where to go for these, I just left them out), brown rice noodles (ditto – I substituted with white ones) and black mustard seeds (again, no idea where to get these from so I substituted with regular mustard coloured mustard seeds)
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Fish Raw. Liver kidney, heart, fish, alfalfa, fennel seed, fenugreek, kelp, nettle, clover. Fish oil. I am sooo pleased that I have my two gorgeous dogs on the raw food diet, I decided not go down the full on BARF (70% bones and raw meat) or WOLF (feed whole animals as they are) diets as these were not quite right for my guys, I have chosen to feed a complete raw meat, green tripe, chicken, ground rabbits bone and all, chicken feet, fish, eggs, broccoli, carrots, beetroot, kale balanced diet, supplemented with dried ground egg shells for calcium and seaweed. 10-15% fish, sardines, mackerel, trout, salmon, anchovies, pilchards, oysters
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