Xmas cakes recipes

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My Xmas Cake 2014

Most Christmas cakes are fortified with sherry, rum or some other rather strong spirit. Eating the cake has to wait until Christmas, but I’m posting it now because if I wait to eat it and then blog, everyone will be so full up of their own Christmas cakes no-one will want to read about mine
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Cheatin’ Christmas… Don’t panic!

However I can absolutely assure you that there are not that many ready-prepared Xmas goodies that can’t be improved and given a home-made look by a splash of cream, a knob of butter, a dash of brandy and an ultra-confident assurance that yes, of course it’s all homemade, when your mother expresses surprise at the fact you’ve actually made bread sauce rather than elbow your way to the front of the queue in M&S
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