Yeast dough for doughnuts recipes

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In a large bowl, briefly rub together the flour, caster sugar, yeast & salt. I remember an episode of The Great British Bake off where the contestants had to make doughnuts for the technical challenge
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Baked Doughnuts

I don’t normally have a very sweet tooth but when I was pregnant I developed severe sugar cravings, so much so that my poor husband was dispatched more than once very late at night to buy some doughnuts for me
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Doughnuts are forever !

Crumble the fresh yeast into the flour with your fingertips as if you were making a crumble. The James Bond film Diamonds are Forever inspired the caption of this post-not the same thing but here is our recipe for some delicious doughnuts…they are non greasy and taste a bit like fried brioche-lovely on their own or with a compote of jam on the side
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