Yorkshire batter fish recipes

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Sweet Spinach Yorkshire Puddings/Popovers with Roasted Black Pepper Strawberries and Sweetened Yoghurt

Stir the spinach and vanilla into the remaining milk and add to the batter. So, as we carefully wrap the precious objects of our lives in old newspaper, like proper Northern fish and chips with mushy peas and five types of curry sauce (they actually have a curry sauce menu here), we reflect on our reflections as we take mirrors off the walls (a little older, a little greyer, definitely happy), and we follow the choice we made some time ago, hoping for the best
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Fine dining at Restaurant 92 in Harrogate

fish and chips, Harrogate, meat, Restaurant reviews, yorkshire, yorkshire restaurants . The fish itself was moist and full of flavour, and the batter (essentially presented as ‘scraps’ would be at your local chippie) and the deconstructed tartar sauce combined magnificently to elevate a simple dish to a fine dining level
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Review: The Meat Co, London

The Meat Co, London appeared first on YorkshirePudd. The chips are wonderfully cooked and crispy, the onion rings I’m not fond of (more batter than onion an almost like the scraps you’d order with fish and chips in the north), and the less said about the mushroom sauce the better
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