Yorkshire dumplings recipes

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My Visit To Thali

Don’t get me wrong, we have our share of excellent Indian restaurants up here in North Yorkshire but there’s something about getting back to London where my culinary journey and slight obsession with Indian food all began
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Ping Pong Dim Sum restaurant: A genuine London gem tucked away on the Southbank

Caroline has high hopes that Ping Pong might expand their empire into Yorkshire…. The following may sound a lot but we were left feeling comfortably satisfied, rather than bloated and our choices provided a good balance between the specials( chilli squid and the delicious pork tenderloin), the dumplings and the less healthy fried items such as the spring rolls and the beef and chilli parcels
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A beginners guide to batch cooking – 10 top tips to help you get started…..

Serve with dumplings or Yorkshire puds and plenty of frozen veg to make your food go further. Last week we had a meal where Miss Frugal had waffles with chicken burgers and frozen parsnips, Master Frugal has some chicken fillets with curly fries and beans, I had a fish pie with roasties and parsnips and Mr Frugal has some leftover beef stew with some roasties, parsnips and a giant Yorkshire pudding
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