Zero oil pickle recipes

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Instant Zero Oil Fresh Turmeric Pickle - Lili Haldi nu Athanu

Mum used to make it in two ways, but today I'll share zero oil recipe which I think is the best. He said to me "Didi, ye wali Haldi nahi, wo achaar wali haldi chahiye" ( Pintoo told me that his mum doesn't want ground haldi but fresh haldi pickle ) just in time mum entered in the house and she burst out laughing and explained to me that,I gave Pintoo ground turmeric instead of Fresh Turmeric Pickle and not only my family but almost whole neighbourhood found this incident so funny
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Kitchen Bites #11

First this month we tried out some olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Casa Rinaldi. I love to pickle things, and usually just wing it, trying my own this so this book with guided to pickling and fermenting almost everything you could think of is great
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Iceland Travel Guide

Are slightly better l hrútspungur ', ram's testicles required to swim in the whey and then pressed to form a cake, and the devel, sheep's head complete with eyes burned, sawed in half, boiled and eaten fresh or pickled
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Cranberry, Orange and Mango Sauce or Chutney with Indian Tadka ! #christmasmenu #christmasdinner #christmasfun #snow #cranberrysauce #indiantadka #jcookingodyssey

chances of snow on Christmas day are pretty much zero, but mercury won't reach zero. oil. We always used to buy ready made cranberry sauce until past couple of years, since we started getting fresh cranberries I have made couple of variety of sauce and pickle, last year I prepared Cranberry and Fresh Turmeric pickle and traditional sauce for christmas day
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