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Sol Kadhi

When our hostess and my ajji were cooking, I'd stroll around the garden which had many trees, full of sweet smelling flowers or fruit, I remember plucking chikoo / sapota, washing it under the tap near the garden and eating it, so sweet
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Quick Pulav and giving Thanks.

I was thrilled to get this cookbook. Things dear to my heart ( read, anything that is used in the kitchen, like my beloved cast iron pan, my pizza stone and assorted stuff passed on to friends) and one afternoon, just like that, we boarded the flight to start a new adventure in sunny Florida
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Rava Oats Dosa

After spending a good amount of time walking thru the aisles and then at the cook book shelf (more on that later), I wandered to the kids section and after looking (and reading) the books on the table nearby, I found, to my delight, some of my childhood favorites
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Semi-Homemade Samosas

Uncooked Flour Tortillas. A Bollywood Masala movie, involving drama (Nirupa Roy with tears cascading down her cheeks and sobs echoing between heart rending dialogues), to action ( Amitabh or Dharmendra transforming into super humans and single handedly fighting off hordes of villains, who fall unconscious after one punch, but our valiant heroes just bounce back after repeated blows to the head), romance (and I mean the old type romance, you know, the two flowers colliding against each other, conveying the meaning and leaving the actual to imagination, unlike today, when the on screen romance that makes you wonder, really
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I made M take some hearty sniffs at it and he concluded it was Goda Masala. ShilpaArusuvaiThe Arusuvai Friendship chain was started by Latha Mami and in her own words
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