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A trip to the library

I’ve got a few libraries near me but only visit them for cookbooks and holiday guides. When I got home, I straight away started looking through to it and marking some pages with my sticky highlighter tabs
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Smoothies galore

I really don't like spinach with my “normal” food but I don't mind spinach in smoothies.  . As part of my “new healthy eating plan”, I've been swapping my cereal for smoothies at breakfast time and I’ve really been enjoying it
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A lovely Sunday

Source What I've done on this lovely Sunday Had a nice lie in (till 10am) Baked a dozen of Red Velvet cupcakes Had lunch at Boyfriend’s parents Came home to do more baking (snickerdoodles) Did a bit of tidy up around the flat Had a look around on the web Had a nice Sunday tea Talked to my parents on the phone Spent time with Boyfriend Now going to bed
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